NASA Astronaut's Photo From Space Draws Speculation About UFOs and Extraterrestrials

NASA – Scott Kelly posted a picture from the International Space Station Sunday featuring a view of earth and an unidentified object, prompting speculation from social media users about the existence of aliens.
This week, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a picture of southern India that he took from the International Space Station. The photo, clicked from over the southwest Indian Ocean, shows a million glimmering lights over the peninsula projecting into a dark ocean and went viral within a few hours.
The photo also gave new fodder to conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters who noted a cylindrical object at the top right hand corner of the photo. Some took to social media to thank Kelly for what they believed was an unspoken message affirming the presence of extraterrestrial beings. Rational explanations – the “object” is a projecting part of the space station that made it into the frame, or an effect created by overexposure to light – didn’t convince them.