Krysten Ritter has created a new X-rated super hero in Jessica Jones

JESSICA JONES is no wonder woman. She drinks to excess, has guilt-ridden one night stands, slinks around New York wearing a hoodie and a pout.

From such gloomy raw material the twin powerhouses of Marvel and Netflix hope to weave television gold, with a new series chronicling the noir-ish adventures of this comic-book anti-heroine.

It’s unlike any super-hero adaptation we’ve seen before.

“It’s different from anything else in the Marvel genre,” nods actress Krysten Ritter, who portrays Jones as a brooding, morally-murky loner.
“There’s nothing like her in the movies. The show is not big and bright. This is a dark, small, seedy universe. Jessica is not trying to save the world.

"She is not trying to be involved in anything. It is a psychological thriller first and a super hero show second. I love that about it.”

X-rated moments abound.
The first episode alone arguably contains more exposed flesh than every Marvel film of the past five years combined.
Ritter defends the steamy content, pointing to its adult-only origins.
“It’s based on the Alias comic, which is rated ‘r’,” she says.

“So, really, it’s just maintaining the integrity of that. Those sort of ratings obviously don’t apply to Netflix. But that was the idea — to stay as true to it as possible.”